Peace Education Program Malaysia

Peace Education Program at Malaysian Association of the Blind (MAB), Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur

The PEP in MAB started in 2017. It was conducted in English for the staff. Out of 12 who attended the course 7 completed it. The PEP 1 workbook and articles were them transcribed into Braille with the help of the MAB staff and sent to TPRF. 

Following the successful completion of these workshops the PEP was extended to the students in Malay. It was discontinued after the 6th workshop due to a change in the students’ timetable and the difficulty in conducting the workshops at a suitable time. 

The facilitator of the program who started teaching English at MAB in August 2018 incorporated the use of the program materials in his English lessons. The students were exposed to some selected videos from different themes. The full 10 workshops were not carried out for them. The animation stories were used (as were stories from the book “Splitting the Arrow”) Two students from MAB took part in the Kifubon story telling competition in 2018.