Peace Education Program Malaysia

Peace Education Program at Taylors University, Subang Jaya

PEP started in Taylors in March 2015 at the Taylors Hostel Management unit. This was the first PEP workshop conducted in Malaysia. With about 20 students attending the workshops over the 10 sessions,, 9 completed the course. Simultaneously the program was also conducted for the Hostel management staff in English with some translation in Malay to help some of the participants understand the content better. 14 staff members completed the course. 

Prem Rawat accepted an invitation to speak to these students and the faculty in September 2015. Subsequently a few more rounds of the program were conducted for the students from the main campus. Some trained to be facilitators and conducted some sessions for their peers. Prem Rawat accepted an invitation to speak at Taylors University for the second time in October 2016.